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Reconcile publications

A Decentralized Recommender System for Effective Web Credibility Assessment Thanasis Papaioannou, Jean-Eudes Ranvier, Karl Aberer.  Accepted in CIKM ’12.


Towards the Realization of Decentralized Online Networks Rammohan Narendula, Thanasis G. Papaioannou, and Karl Aberer,  an Empirical Study, 4th IEEE ICDCS International Workshop on Hot Topics in Peer-to-Peer Computing and Online Social Networking (HotPost), Macau, China, June 18-21, 2012


Collaborative problem solving in emergency situations. Lessons Learned from a Rescue Mission   Radosław Nielek, Aleksander Wawer, Adam Wierzbicki.  In: Advanced Methods for Computational Collective Intelligence, v. 457, Studies in Computational Intelligence, editors: Ngoc Thanh Nguyen, Bogdan Trawiński, Radosław Katarzyniak, pages: 47-58, Springer, 2013


Topick: Accurate Topic Distillation for User Streams Anton Dimitrov, Alexandra Olteanu, Luke McDowell, Karl Aberer.  International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM’12), Demo Session, Brussels, Belgium, December 2012.


Game-theoretic Models of Web Credibility T.G. Papaioannou, K. Abramczuk, P. Adamska, A. Wierzbicki and K. Aberer  Proc. of the 2012 Joint WICOW/AIRWeb Workshop on Web Quality (WebQuality '12), 2012.


Towards Robust and Scalable Peer-to-Peer Social Networks A. Olteanu, G. Pierre, , ACM, Bern, Switzerland, April 2012


A Decentralized Online Social Network with Efficient User-Driven Replication R. Narendula, A. Papaioannou and K. Aberer,  ASE/IEEE SocialCom 2012.


Xin Liu, Karl Aberer. SoCo:A Social Network Aided Context-Aware Recommender System  The 22nd International World Wide Web Conference (WWW), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2013.


Xin Liu, Radoslaw Nielek, Adam Wierzbicki, Karl Aberer. Defending Imitating Attacks in Web Credibility Evaluation Systems. The 3rd Joint WICOW/AIRWeb Workshop on Web Quality (held with WWW 2013), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2013.


On the Subjectivity and Bias of Web Content Credibility Evaluations M. Kakol, M. Jankowski-Lorek, K. Abramczuk, A. Wierzbicki, M. Catasta, The 3rd Joint WICOW/AIRWeb Workshop on Web Quality (held with WWW 2013), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2013.


Radoslaw Nielek, Aleksander Wawer, Michal Jankowski-Lorek, Adam Wierzbicki. Temporal, Cultural and Thematic Aspects of Web Credibility,SocInfo2013, Kyoto, Japan, 2013


Radek Nielek. Designing Algorithms For Realizing Social Goals. Ph.D thesis, Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology. Warsaw, 27.06.2012


Katarzyna Abramczuk. Informacja jako podstawa zaufania (Information-Based Trust). Ph.D thesis, Warsaw University, Department of Sociology. Warsaw, 01.06.2012


Tomasz Kaszuba. Udoskonalone metody zarządzania zaufaniem w aukcjach internetowych (Improved Trust Management Methods for Internet Auctions). Ph.D thesis, Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology. Warsaw,21.11.2012


Adam Wierzbicki, Tomasz Kaszuba, Radoslaw Nielek, Paulina Adamska, Anwitaman Datta; Improving computational trust representation based on Internet auction traces, Decision Support Systems and Electronic Commerce


Alexandra Olteanu, Stanislav Peshterliev, Xin Liu, Karl Aberer. Web Credibility: Features Exploration and Credibility Prediction. In Proceedings of the 34th European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR'13), Moscow, Russia, March 2013


Zhicong Huang, Alexandra Olteanu, Karl Aberer. Credible Web: A Platform for Web Credibility Evaluation. In EA of CHI’2013, April 2013


Xin Liu. Towards Context-Aware Social Recommendation via Trust Networks. The 14th International Conference on Web Information System Engineering (WISE), Nanjing, China, 2013.


Xin Liu, Yong Liu, Karl Aberer, Chunyan Miao. Personalized Point-of-Interest Recommendation by Mining Users' Preference Transition. ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM), San Francisco, USA, 2013.


Submitted publications


Aleksander Wawer, Radoslaw Nielek. Predicting Webpage Credibility using Linguistic Features. ECIR 2014, Amsterdam, Netherland, 2014.


Grzegorz Kowalik, Paulina Adamska, Adam Wierzbicki, Radosław Nielek. Credibility Evaluation and Learning in a Web 2.0 Community. IWSR 2013, Kyoto, Japan, 2013.


Adam Wierzbicki, Katarzyna Abramczuk, Paulina Adamska, Emilia Rejmund, Thanasis Papaioannou and Karl Aberer. Studying Web Content Credibility by Social Simulation. JASSS, 2013.


Presentation at conferences


Katarzyna Abramczuk, Michał Jankowski-Lorek, Michał Kąkol, Adam Wierzbicki. Credibility of internet content – are crowds wise and what does it mean? Presentation at 18th International Conference of the Society for Philosophy and Technology, Lisbon, Portugal, 2013.